History of Becontree

Becontree ward is part of the Becontree Estate which was developed by the London County Council between 1919 and 1935. It was one of the first and biggest council housing estates following a low-density “cottage estate” design rather than blocks of flats.

The estate contained 91 different type of house-types. The Becontree planners favoured street layouts which were curved and made plenty of use of “banjos”. There is plenty of evidence of these features in Becontree ward, and the use of various types of amenity green at the corner of roads.

Becontree Estate was planned with local shopping units and the main shopping parades in Becontree ward are at the Robin Hood and Green Lane.

Both the Robin Hood and Green Lane are undergoing improvement and art-work at the Robin Hood celebrates the historic public house. (Photo of art work) The Robin Hood public house was built in the 1930s was a handsome detached building in Tudor black and white style at the junction of Longbridge Road and Becontree Avenue.

Here are some old pictures of the area, courtesy of LBBD Archives:  

This picture refers to the old Robin Hood pub and shopping parade.


Below is a picture of Heynes Road (LBBD Archive ref SB290.)

SB290 Heynes Road - no date small

2 houses in Stevens Road (nos 132 & 134) made using bricks from Parsloes Manor (LBBD Archives ref SB 3301)

SB3301 nos 132 and 134 Stevens Road old Parsloes Manor brick small

And a photo of Winding Way (LBBD Archives ref: SB3583)

SB3583 Winding Way 1953

Finally, the image that we use for the header of this website is of Longbridge Road opposite the Robin Hood (LBBD Archives ref DS 548a)

Longbridge Road opposite Robin Hood DS548a


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